Welcome to the new look of Brevard’s Best News, and I hope you are ready for all of the changes that are in store. We have realized that it is time to take the next step in growing the site. We will be updating as stories become available, and with breaking stories.

We will be collecting email address, that way we can let you know when updates are made. On a personal sappy note, I want to thank everyone who has liked or shared Brevard’s Best News, who has called and or emailed or said hello in public,offered words of encouragement or trusted me to relay your story. Remember, we are here for you and because of you!!

Because we are starting new, we have even changed up the butterfly. For my new readers, I lost my Grandpa a couple of months before Brevard’s Best News started, and I am continuing with the butterfly in his honor, only, I decided on simplicity, and one color, his favorite yellow. I know that he will continue to watch over me, my family, and this new adventure for BBN.

I had the pleasure of attending Run a Way country this year for my first time, and I loved it! My children share the great love for music that I have and to watch them take it all in, and air guitar and dance was just awesome. As my mom always says “another pearl on your string of life.”


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